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The Hankin Group developed a high-density mixed-use town center on a 22.5-acre tract of land at the intersection of the regional Routes 100 and 401 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  CVDA was requested to review a proposed Town Center Plan to enhance placemaking, walkability, and create a landscape character that is in keeping with the Chester County cultural landscape.
During the process CVDA revisited the street design system, all walkways, the community center/pool area and developed the trails and related site circulation.  The enhanced plan included pedestrian friendly streetscapes that will serve both residents and businesses, more aesthetic parking facilities, and a network of parks and open space enhancing the neighborhood experience.
Challenges included meeting ADA requirements given the slopes of the site, developing landscape enhancements that did not interfere with utilities, re-grading the site to meet the challenging cut and fill requirements, and incorporating traffic calming initiatives that provided enhanced value to the overall design of the project.
Location:  Ludwigs Corner, Chester County, PA
Client:  The Hankin Group
Team:  Edward B. Walsh & Associates, Inc. (Civil Engineers/Surveyors)
Dates:  2017-present

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