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"Man is that uniquely conscious creature who can perceive and express.  He must become the steward of the biosphere.  To do this he must design with nature."  - Ian L. McHarg


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Carter van Dyke Associates

Carter van Dyke Associates (CVDA) provides elegant and sustainable designs for our clients while incorporating the latest research in all aspects of landscape architecture and planning.
We offer the following services: Landscape Architecture and Design, Community Planning, and Campus Planning. 
Our firm works closely with a wide range of disciplines to create a synergistic studio atmosphere where we focus on the design of academic campuses, healthcare and therapeutic facilities, public spaces, public gardens, large and small private gardens, corporate centers, economic revitalization, and sustainable economic design practices for communities.

Pennsylvania Address

40 Garden Alley, Doylestown, Pennsylvania 18901

New York Address

6850 S Gannett Hill Rd.
Naples, NY 14512


(215) 345-5053


(215) 345-4324


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Carter van Dyke
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Pennsylvania Office
40 Garden Alley
Doylestown, PA 18901
New York Office

6850 S Gannett Hill Rd.
Naples, NY 14512

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