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Private Residence in Chester County
CVDA was retained by the owner to develop a master plan for the property. Our team collaborated with the architect of the stone face and wood sided residence to develop an organic site plan that reflected the style of the residence. Large stone slabs (some 13 feet long) were used along with boulders matched to the color of the stone facing to form the terraces for this steep site. The front yard, which is viewed from the kitchen, was transformed into a complex water feature.  This included an underground water tank to compensate for water drawn down when the pumps for the waterfalls were operated. An understory of American Hollies were used to screen offsite views to the surrounding residential properties. A combination of native and deer resistant plants were used to accent the boulder walls. A galaxy inspired cobble terrace was designed around the firepit.
Location:  Chester County, Pennsylvania
Sculptor (trees):  Greg Leavitt
Water features:  OuterSpaces Inc.

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