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CVDA teamed with Navarro & Wright to develop an updated master plan for the 11-mile long abandoned PA turnpike section.  The turnpike section was abandoned in 1968 and has been owned by the Southern Allegheny’s Conservancy since 2001.
The intent of the project is to turn the old turnpike section into a multi-use trail and recreational destination.

CVDA assisted with design, peer review, and collaboration on amenities.  CVDA completed quick schematic design sketches of various features including an outdoor stage, flexible parking design, and events gathering spaces.
Some of the noteworthy aspects of the project include two abandoned tunnels; the Ray’s Hill tunnel at 3,532 feet long and the Sideling Hill tunnel at 6,800 feet long.  The overgrown nature of the features and the post-apocalyptic feel to the trail and tunnel.
Completion:  2017

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