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This circa 1920 Classic Arts and Crafts bungalow had a complete interior renovation in 2010.  The question that remained was how to transform the rear yard into an inviting garden that could relate to the raised porch. Carter van Dyke showed the homeowners how they could develop a garden and pool that connected with the upper-level porch. Instead of bringing steps down the rear of the house, he used an existing interior stairway, because he felt that steps would detract from the rear elevation of the house and take up too much room in the small yard. The barbecue and the entrance to the rear garden and pool area were placed at the bottom of the stairs.

Within the garden, Carter created multiple levels so that the garden felt connected to the upper porch and to provide a feeling of spaciousness. An upper sitting area overlooks the pool, and some existing trees were incorporated to provide a lovely backdrop and privacy screening. A bamboo fence, which is a sustainable resource, fits within the arts and craft theme of the house. Because of the small yard area, the pool equipment was hidden in the basement; this not only eliminates noise in the garden but also prolongs the life of the equipment. Around the pool and terrace, new plantings were added to turn the un-interesting into a restful respite from a hard day’s work.  Plant materials include Arborvitae, Crape myrtle, Shrub roses, Hydrangea, Boxwood, Fountain grass, Feather reed grass and Perennial liriope.
Location:  Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Completion:  2011

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