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’Keep the Spirit of the Plaza’ was chosen as the program statement for the renovation of Parents Plaza.  Rather than re-designing the entire space, CVDA focused on unifying existing site features, improving different elements already existing on campus, providing additional seating and revisiting the planting scheme.  The main proposed addition was an outdoor stage with wide seating steps, reminiscent of the similar feature which existed at Parents plaza before construction of the new Science Building.  The steps were loved by students and depicted in year-books.  Stage lighting and convenient connections for the sound system are included in the design to provide a spontaneous performance space for students.
The ground-plane patterns in brick, pavers and concrete depict the geometry of the surrounding buildings and walls yet accentuate the main pathways and delineate the areas for picnic tables.  Existing seat wall repairs resolved structural issues, and a new cast stone coping provides more comfortable seating opportunities.  The curbside entrance, which is accessible, is marked with a new wall featuring an engraved sign. 
Location:  Allentown, Pennsylvania
Client:  Muhlenberg College
Size:  22,192 sq. ft. 
Completed:  2009

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