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Location:  Philadelphia, PA
Client:  Magee Rehabilitation Hospital  
Team:  Charles Matsinger Associates, Architects; Carter van Dyke Associates, Landscape Architects; Wick Fisher White, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Protection; Lipperini Engineering, Structural Engineering; International Consultants, Inc., Cost Consultants
Completion Date:  2017
CVDA was selected with Charles Matsinger Associates to develop a master plan for the sixth floor of the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital. The Hospital realized that the current layout of the sixth-floor interior and exterior spaces were not functioning to the fullest potential.  The popular Segal Street section of the rooftop was extensively used for physical therapy but was limited in size.  Through an interactive design process, the team developed a new concept for the rooftop.  To augment the Segal Street theme, the new rooftop gardens were developed using the “Along the Avenue” design concept.
The master plan created a series of indoor and outdoor spaces that were interconnected with a loop pedestrian walkway.  Small and medium-scaled spaces were further defined with fountains, plantings, arbors, and paving. A major change to the rooftop was replacing the brick parapet with glass, allowing those in wheelchairs a clear view of the city skyline. Following the approval of the master plan the team developed the construction documents for the project.

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