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Location:  West Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania
Client:  People’s Emergency Center CDC
Product:  Enhancement Plans, Streetscape and Facade improvement Guidelines
Architect:  Becker Winton Architects
Completed:  December 2005
Corridor Improvement Study
The Lancaster Corridor Improvement Project was commissioned by the People’s Emergency Center CDC (PECCDC), a leading force among community groups working to revitalize West Philadelphia and Powelton Village.  Lancaster Avenue has a rich heritage as the first Turnpike in the United States.  The goal of the project was to unify and improve the streetscape, identify and strengthen anchors, upgrade building facades, encourage maintenance of properties; and reoccupy the upper mostly residential floors and create around the clock activities.
CVDA completed a site analysis of the streetscape corridor conditions and developed recommendations to improve sidewalks, tree plantings, streetscape furniture, concepts to promote sidewalk vendors, upgrade traffic islands and promote traffic calming concepts along the streetscape.
The purpose of the study was to suggest ways in which PEC and individual property owners could work together through a combination of smaller increments to complete the improvements outlined in the study. Rather than being “etched in stone” the study was intended to be a guidelines tool kit.  The report suggests methods for streetscape and façade improvements.

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