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These Japanese-inspired gardens draw upon the owner's fifty years of visiting arboreta and gardens, favorite shrubs and trees collected over the years and the realities of a less than 1/3rd acre plot size.  Whenever possible, rare and unusual varieties were used, many of which were first obtained twenty or more years ago.  Privacy, low maintenance, contrasting foliage and four-season views from the house and while strolling have been paramount.


Much of the front yard is dominated by Serbian spruce, a yew-boxwood serpentine hedge and dogwoods (Florida, Kousa and hybrids).  There is also a spring bulb and daylily bed including over 75 cultivars providing a riot of color in summer to the otherwise foliage-oriented plantings.  The front plantings are blended with the gardens of the adjacent neighbors.  The front yard is the "public" view of the house and garden in contrast with the "private" rear garden enclosed by an owner-designed and installed six-foot bamboo/cedar fence.


The rear yard, wholly regarded and replanted in 2012 in a collaboration among the owners, CVDA and Classic Gardens, is enclosed by conifers, Japanese maples, redbuds and hybrid dogwoods. The interior is dominated by four features; a 15' by 45' koi pond with stone bridge and waterfall; a large moss-covered boulder surrounded with sedum and Japanese maples; three young flowering cherries (Akeono, ungrafted weeping Higan and Yoshino), and an exact one-quarter scale Japanese boathouse used as a shed.  The owner's collection of tree peonies and deciduous azaleas provide color highlights from April to frost.


Location:  Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Completion:  2012

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