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Carter van Dyke Associates was retained by the Lower Makefield Historic Commission to develop historic district guidelines and architectural design guidelines for a rural historic crossroads village in Lower Makefield, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The project developed into a public/private partnership project that prepared a mixed use Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) development for Troilo Enterprises, a local development company.
CVDA developed a master plan for the expansion of the Edgewood Village Historic District. The project, located at the corner of Yardley-Langhorne Road and Stony Hill Road, retained four historically significant historic structures. The proposed uses included in this new development are: 56,000 square feet of office space, 38,000 square feet of commercial uses and fifty-eight residential units on the fifteen acre tract located in the Historic District.
In addition to the design of the community, CVDA worked with the Township Boards and Committees to create a zoning ordinance for the TND infill development. The plan is in the process of land development approvals in 2009. A second project provides for the infill of four new structures and the replication of an existing structure that was no longer structurally sound. As part of the revitalization process, the municipality is working with Trolio Enterprises to assist with both storm and sanitary sewers.
The firm was then commissioned to create Historic District Guidelines to direct in the renovation of all existing historic structure and new infill structures. The Historic Commission initiated through CVDA numerous public/private partnership projects to implement the plan. Acting on behalf of The Historic Commission, CVDA worked jointly with the developers to design the infill projects to make certain that they fulfilled the intent of the master plan and the National Historic District standards. Based upon an approved design, CVDA was further retained to develop a mixed-use Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND) overlay ordinance for the village.
Lower Makefield Township, Pennsylvania 
Lower Makefield Township Historic Commission
Historic District Design Guidelines, Architectural Design Guidelines, Overlay Dstrict Zoning Ordinances
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