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Location:  Doylestown, PA
Client:  Doylestown Hospital 
Completion:  1999-present
In 1998, as part of the 75th anniversary of Doylestown Hospital, Carter van Dyke Associates was asked to develop a landscape master plan for the Hospital campus.  The plan, which became the Doylestown Hospital Community Arboretum project continues to this day.  The master plan envisioned a series of healing gardens on the Hospital campus, connected by a looped path system with medicinal plant stations.
Gardens constructed to date include the Azalea Amble, a Bird Blind and Wetland Garden, a nature cabin and a sculpture garden.  The trail system links with Doylestown’s Community Bike/Hike System.  CVDA has directed the various volunteers to clean up the grounds, plant donated trees, shrubs and perennials, and maintain the path system. The Boy Scouts, as part of the Eagle Scout Program, have constructed projects on the campus under the direction of CVDA.

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