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Benham Gateway Building

Carter van Dyke Associates assisted in developing a master plan for the eastern block of the campus. The exterior spaces of this campus block function as a series of garden rooms used for catered events and campus functions.  Before implementation of the master plan, the core of the block was divided by a large parking lot. As a result of this project, the service spine of the block and parking were redesigned to eliminate vehicular and pedestrian conflicts. The project included the Benham Gateway Building renovation at Morris Avenue and Yarrow Street, formally the Owl Bookstore.  The renovated and expanded Gateway building combines financial aid and admission functions. The Benham Gateway building and new parking areas become the point of beginning for campus tours. A linked path system throughout the campus is coordinated with standardized lighting, and signage to assist in the interpretation of the campus buildings and landscape.
Location:  Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Client:  Bryn Mawr College
Architect:  Buell Kratzer Powell
Completion:  2007-2008

Rhoads Hall

Rhoads Hall, home to 160 women, is a 60,000 square foot building constructed in the gothic style. It was renovated in 1999 for the first time in its sixty-year history. The goal of the site plan was to select landscape building materials and construction details, which would unify this portion of the campus. This could then be used campus-wide as standard details, linking Rhoads Hall with the rest of the campus.  New stairways, walks and divided vehicular and pedestrian traffic were included in the design. CVDA also worked closely with the campus horticulturist and campus security in the design and placement of plant materials and lighting.  As part of the project, CVDA worked with the civil engineering consultant to design best management practices for the stormwater basin.  Native plantings were used around the edge and slopes of the basin to revegetate the basin. The basin functions as a filter for upstream runoff from an urban neighborhood before the water heads to the Schuylkill River.
Location:  Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Client:  Bryn Mawr College
Architect:  Becker Winston Architects

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